Symmetry Resources

Main Pages

  • Symmetry Tutorial - An interactive point group symmetry tutorial. Guides students through all of the symmetry elements and operations, with interactive displays and animations.
  • The Symmetry Gallery - A collection of over 100 unique molecules with interactive display of all symmetry elements and animation of all operations. The molecules are organized by point group, so you can select examples to demonstrate particular symmetry elements. Includes links to the chemical literature when available.
  • The Symmetry Challenge - Using the same set of molecules from the Gallery, the Challenge includes a flowchart that details the process of determining the point group of each molecule. A great way to practice the point group determination process.

Additional Pages

  • Crystallographic Point Groups - Geometric solid representations of the 32 crystallographic point groups.
  • Space Group Symmetry - A small set of example space groups, with model and molecular examples to show the relationships between molecules within a unit cell.
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